X96Q TV Box Android 10 Allwinner H313 Smart TV Box

Discover the future of home entertainment with X96Q Android 10.0  TV Box, featuring dynamic partitioning technology that maximizes your storage space.

Product Specification:
  • Model : X96Q
  • OS : Android 10.0
  • CPU : Allwinner H313 Quad Core Cortex-A53
  • GPU : Mali G31
  • RAM : 1GB/2GB DDR
  • ROM : eMMC 8GB/16GB
  • WIFI : 2.4GHZ
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Product Details


X96Q Android 10.0  TV Box Allwinner H313 3D Home Smart TV Box


Unleash the Power of 4K Clarity with the X96Q Set-Top Box


Experience the pinnacle of home entertainment with the X96Q Set-Top Box, a cutting-edge device that brings 4K Ultra HD picture quality to your living room. With its advanced specifications and sleek design, the X96Q is the perfect companion for your TV.


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Transform Your Home Entertainment with the X96Q Android 10: Where Personalization Meets Performance.


Discover the future of home entertainment with Android 10, featuring dynamic partitioning technology that maximizes your storage space. This innovative system allows you to personalize your Android TV setup with a variety of apps, tailored to your unique preferences.


Android TV Box


Transform Your Visual Experience with 3D Noise Reduction: Where Clarity Meets Perfection.


Unveil the beauty of every detail with our 3D noise reduction technology, designed to enhance your visual experience. Our advanced system works to eliminate digital noise, ensuring that every image is as clear and pure as possible.


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Capture Every Thrill: Debounce Technology for a Smooth and Stable Viewing Experience


Designed to eliminate motion blur, our system ensures that every moment is captured with crystal clarity, making your viewing experience smoother and more enjoyable.

Debounce Technology: Our advanced Debounce feature stabilizes the image, reducing motion blur and providing a clearer, more stable picture.
Smooth Viewing: Enjoy a smoother viewing experience as our technology minimizes the jitter effect, allowing you to relive every exciting moment with precision.
Enhanced Image Quality: With Debounce, the image becomes sharper and more defined, allowing you to appreciate the details that were previously lost due to motion blur.




Experience the Difference with HDR to SDR Conversion: Where Every Detail Comes to Life.


Discover the power of our SmartColor™ technology, which optimizes the HDR dynamic curve to deliver a superior HDR video experience. Our innovative image processing technology seamlessly converts HDR content to SDR, ensuring that your viewing experience is as vivid and clear as possible.


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Experience the Difference with SmartColor™ 3.1: Where Every Detail is a Masterpiece.


Unveil the beauty of every detail with the SmartColor™ 3.1 image quality engine, designed to elevate your large screen viewing experience to new heights. This cutting-edge technology is not just about clarity,it's about bringing every image to life with unparalleled vibrancy and precision.


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Big Screen Entertainment Unleashed: Wireless Screen Mirroring at Your Fingertips


Transform your home entertainment experience with our state-of-the-art wireless display system. Seamlessly connect your mobile devices to your TV or projector and enjoy a world of content on the big screen.


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Your Ultimate Connectivity Companion: Wired and Wireless Networks at Your Fingertips.


Unleash the power of connectivity with our versatile device, designed to provide both wired and wireless network capabilities. Whether you're streaming high-definition videos, downloading large files, or installing applications, our TV Box is your reliable companion.




Expand Your Entertainment Horizons: The X96Q OTT TV Box


Discover the ultimate in versatility with the X96Q OTT TV Box, your all-in-one solution for streaming entertainment on a variety of TVs. Whether you're upgrading to a modern LCD or still cherish your classic TV, this box is designed to connect and deliver a world of content.


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Experience the Ultimate in Entertainment Connectivity: The Versatile Entertainment Hub.


Introducing the ultimate entertainment hub, designed with a rich interface to meet all your connectivity needs. This compact device is packed with features that deliver a seamless and immersive entertainment experience.

Key Features:

  • Rich Interface, Simple Connection: With a variety of interfaces, this device offers a simple yet comprehensive connection solution for all your entertainment devices.

  • Small Size, Big Impact: Despite its compact size of 88.4mm x 88.4mm x 18.6mm, this device packs a punch, providing a powerful platform for your entertainment needs.

  • Powerful Connectivity: The device includes a DC power line interface, an Ethernet network cable interface, and two USB interfaces for easy connectivity to your devices.

  • HDMI and AV Compatibility: Enjoy high-definition video with the HDMI cable interface, and connect to your old TV with the AV cable interface.

  • IR and Card Slot: The IR cable interface allows for remote control compatibility, while the card slot provides additional storage options.

  • USB Interface: The USB interface is perfect for connecting external storage devices or peripherals, expanding your entertainment capabilities.


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Complete Your Entertainment Experience: The X96Q TV Box Accessory Kit


Unveil the full potential of your entertainment setup with the X96Q TV Box Accessory Kit. This comprehensive collection of accessories ensures that your X96Q TV Box is ready to deliver an immersive viewing experience from the moment you open the box.


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