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4K TV Box - Best Deals

Published by January 02,2024



4K (4096×2160 ) is a high-definition display technology. Mainly used in TV , film , mobile phone industry, etc. 

On the basis of this resolution, you can clearly see every detail of the video.



In order to improve the quality and meet customer needs, we have  launched a 4K OTT Set-top box with the latest Android11 OS,And we call it H96MAX V11.





【Powerful Chip 】H96Max V11 powered by Rockchip 3318 Quad core cortex-A53 Ultra high frequence CPU,

which is better at power consumpetion and image processing,provides users a great experience of ultra-fast running speed and professional image algorithm.


【Memory】2GB / 4GB RAM & 16GB / 32GB / 64GB Rom: Supports faster and more stable operation. internal

storage provides room and freedom to install apps without worrying about running out of space.


【Newest Android 11.0 OS】H96Max V11 adopts the latest Android 11.0 OS. It has a better compatibility of

software, games and applications, better user interface and user experience.


【2.4G/5G Dual Band WiFi & BT 】Equipped with 2.4G / 5.0G Dual Band WiFi, if you want to use WIFI, it exactly

fit your needs. Stable, fast and high quality WIFI signal, make sure you enjoy higher quality for browsing websites,playing games, running programs, watching movies. Bluetooth supports BT 4.0, allows wireless connection.You can connect Bluetooth input devices like mouse, keyboard and controller.





OEM & ODM available. 



An experienced team of engineers will provide you with professional software customization services.

Professional QC team guarantees the quality of your products.

Our factory's SC provides you with competitive products.

Whether you want to simply customize products with your own brand, or customize complex software and PCB, we can help you complete it 100%.


Get the best TV Box for your life, your style and your space – and create the ultimate home entertainment experience.

With a wide range of H96 TV Box to choose from, including 4K ,6K and 8K TV Boxes in a variety of chipset, finding the perfect tv box for your is simple. 

We are a TV box manufacturer with 10 years of experience.  If you want to have your own customized products, we have a strong R&D team to meet your needs.

Contact us to create a prospective future.


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