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OTA Update with H96 TV BOX

Published by January 02,2024

What is OTA?


OTA (Over-the-Air Technology) is a space download technology.

The OTA upgrade of the set-top box means that the operator converts the upgraded software into a software stream and transmits it in the form of a TS stream.

Users filter software stream updates through OTA frequency search. 



Does OTA upgrade need to be connected to a computer?

The most of the TV boxes on the market  for firmware upgrade method is only one method.


First, The user manually downloads the firmware on website.

Second, connecting to the their computer.

Third, Update the Android TV box firmware.


However, it is obvious that there is a problem here. Many elderly or users who do not understand the technology or they do not know how to upgrade it by their computer. 

For the OTA upgrade method, it will not be so complicated. In order to solve this kind of problem, our engineer team has increased R&D investment,

and finally started to use OTA function on our H96 box in 2020.  This makes it more convenient for our customers to update their customized products.



We are a TV box manufacturer with 10 years of experience.  If you want to have your own customized products, we have a strong R&D team to meet your needs.

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