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What Misunderstandings Should Be Avoided When Choosing H96 MAX TV Box?

Published by May 07,2024



According to previous customer feedback, we found that some customers will have many problems when choosing the TV box of H96 MAX series. They are afraid that the H96 MAX TV box they place an order is not suitable for their actual use, or they find that this H96 MAX TV box does not have some desired functions, etc. Then this article briefly expounds that choosing H96 MAX TV box is a misunderstanding that should be avoided from three perspectives.



1.Choose the right size



Generally, H96 MAX TV boxes have different sizes and different functions. For example, small H96 MAX TV box will have fewer interfaces, such as AV interface and TF card slot, and the internal space will also be small, and the heat dissipation will be slower. If the heating is serious, there will be problems such as crash, which will seriously affect the normal use. So choose a H96 MAX TV box of appropriate size according to your own needs.



2. Interface



Generally, if a family chooses a H96 MAX TV box and does not need the interface of any other equipment, it can directly buy the standard H96 MAX TV box, because adding professional interfaces, such as connecting professional audio equipment, will increase the cost until the price rises, so it is OK to choose the right one.



3. Right choice





When choosing something, most people follow the herd mentality, thinking that the goods they buy more are either cheap or good, but they are not necessarily suitable for themselves. Check whether there are restrictions on H96 MAX TV boxes. For example, some TV boxes restrict or do not allow users to install Android Software by themselves, and they can only use the system's own software. So do a good job of evaluation before choosing, and choose the right equipment.