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Similarities and differences between H96Max V58 and H96Max V56

Published by May 07,2024

Similarities :

1. H96Max V58 and H96Max V56 tv settop boxes both support 8K

8K provides a higher resolution, which also means that the 8K H96 MAX TV box can display pictures with more information, whether it is fonts, character skins or the details of objects on the pictures will be displayed more clearly, and these can be displayed through our The H96 MAX realizes the TV box: H96Max V58 and V56, of course, this needs to be combined with 8K or higher resolution video shooting to achieve a clearer display on an 8K TV.





2. All Gigabit Ethernet ports

Gigabit Ethernet port brings you an unusual download and transfer experience. When downloading big games and high-quality movies, you don't have to worry about download speeds at all. When transferring files, you don't have to worry about the security and stability of the files at all, this can be guaranteed.





3. H96Max V58 and H96Max V56 tv settop boxes both support Android 12 system


"Android 12 contains the most significant design update in Android history," Google said. As a result, Android 12 is more expressive, dynamic and personal than ever. When comparing Android 12 and Android 11, it's worth noting that the new UI allows you to fully customize your product with custom color palettes and redesigned widgets.

Google is updating the look of notifications in Android 12 to be more modern and functional. When you click on a notification, it sends you directly to the app icon or action you want to perform, not through an intermediary provider. According to the Android app developer's blog post, this should make everything faster.

Additionally, Android 12 introduces a new button that lets you snooze unimportant alarms for a while. You can also enable adaptive notification ranking, which allows Android to reorganize your alerts based on how you interact with different Google Apps, and reset the ranking if you don't like it.





Differences of H96Max V58 and H96Max V56 tv settop boxes:

H96Max V58 supports WIFI6, H96Max V56 only supports 2.4g/5g dual-band WIFI

H96Max V58 has been upgraded to WIFI6 version, the signal is stable enough and strong enough, not to mention the transmission speed, which is a  qualitative improvement.