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The best android tv box have two typical characteristics

Published by May 07,2024

The best Android TV box on the Internet, it supports voice remote control function, screen projection and the same screen are its most common features, or you can see rich content through the built-in video platform of the box. Use a network TV box to easily upgrade your TV's performance. The following actual functions must be known.

Wireless projection:

The Android TV box supports AirPlay, DLNA and Miracast. Take the AirPlay protocol of the iOS device as an example. How to operate the photos and videos on the mobile phone to the TV? I will use H96Max 3566 to show.


  • Swipe up from the bottom of the phone screen to open the control center, click on “AirPlay Mirror”.
  • Find the corresponding network TV box to connect. At this time, the TV will directly display the contents of the phone and share photos and videos with your family.





Voice search:

If the box you are using has a voice search function, you must remember to use it. Even though most TV boxes support the initial letter fuzzy search, the efficiency of inputting letters using the remote control is still very low, and the elderly are particularly struggling. At present, the performance of voice control is constantly increasing. Basically, it can achieve the degree of “what to say, what to say, what to achieve”, and even some can support dialects, or can adjust the playback progress and volume.





These are some of the useful features of the Smart Android TV Box, so don't ignore them!