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Do you know the functions of Android ott box tv in daily life?

Published by May 07,2024

With the rapid development of the Internet, Android TV boxes have also become an indispensable movie viewing tool or entertainment tool for contemporary families. However, there are definitely some users who just use the box regularly to watch movies. In fact, Android TV boxes have more ways to play. Which of the following games have you used?


1. Connect old TV


The Android TV box itself is born for non-smart TV users to experience smart TV. The most commonly used is the HDMI output interface. The Android TV box will basically come with an HDMI high-definition cable, plug it in and connect it to the old TV at home, and the user will get a "smart TV".

2. Install the software


Android Box is also a product of the Android system ecosystem, which is open. When installing the software, the H96 MAX Android TV box supports the use of a U-disk external memory card to install the software, and can also be connected to a computer using dual male headers. You can directly access the network disk in the box to download, or use it in the TV box application market.





3. Watch live TV


Compared with the broadcast TV set-top box, the H96 MAX Android set-top box also has a great advantage, that is, it can expand the live TV content infinitely. After downloading and installing, users can find the live TV they like to watch online.


4. Support on-demand

Compared with PC, when watching movies or TV series, the former has the advantages of being on-demand and playback, and has abundant resources; the latter has a large screen and a good visual experience. Therefore, another major feature of the Android box is that it can install a lot of content aggregation software, so that the TV can watch movies and TV series like a computer, and the update time is not behind TV or cinema.

5. Play games


At present, most Android games are controlled by touch screen, and the remote control of the Android TV box control terminal is not enough. But this does not mean that the Android TV box does not support playing games. Some small games that can be controlled by the remote control of the Android TV box can definitely be played smoothly. Somatosensory games and gamepad games can also allow some gamers to use the Android TV box with a keyboard or handle. Experience a special feeling while playing the game.





6. Family Music Club


With the progress of the times, many friends who like to sing can enjoy the feeling of experiencing KTV at home. Even if friends come to party to show the atmosphere, the Android set-top box can give full play to its role.





7. Internet and other applications


Since Android TV boxes can watch movies online, can we chat and watch web pages online?

In fact, it's entirely possible. You can use QQ and WeChat to chat, but from the statistics of various parties, there are not many people who use Android TV boxes to do these things, because most people do not use the remote control as a button, but use it as a mouse.


8. About ROOT


Cracking ROOT permissions is something that many Android box users are proud of. The system of the Android TV box is generally more streamlined. It is not recommended to delete the program after ROOT, so as not to cause the situation that it cannot be turned on.