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Functional analysis of Android TV BOX

Published by May 07,2024

The home theater function of the Android TV box is the biggest demand for use. Usually, the TV box is connected to the TV through HDMI, and then set to the Internet through an Ethernet cable or WiFi, and your TV will be as convenient as a mobile phone to access the Internet.

android tv box H96 max

After connecting the box to the TV and the Internet, you can install applications (games, KODI, NETFLIX, Youtube, etc.). Our H96 TV box has YouTube and Google Store installed by default.

The TV box can output HDMI to the TV to provide users with an excellent HD viewing experience. They can also use the remote control, keyboard or mouse for input.

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What's the use of smart tv box besides connecting to TV?

There is a USB interface on the side of the Android box. This interface is not a decoration. The first interface can be used as a mobile phone charging interface. If guests come at home, due to the limited socket, we can use the USB interface of the set-top box to charge the mobile phone.

android tv box usb3.0

Second, when there is a problem with the network at home, we can put the downloaded movie in a U disk, and then plug it into the USB port of the set-top box to watch it. This way, even if there is no network, it will not be particularly boring, but it must be converted in advance. format.

In addition, you can play the pictures in your USB flash drive and share the photos taken by the digital camera with your family. In addition to the USB interface, there is a TF card interface. You can use smart tv box to play pictures and videos.

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Third, the Android box also has the same screen function, which can transfer photos and videos on the phone to the TV screen at the same time, so that everyone can share photos, games, movies and videos.

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