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Introduction of OTT TV BOX and Android TV BOX

Published by May 07,2024


What's the difference?




OTT TV BOX is an abbreviation of "Over The Top TV BOX", which refers to open Internet-based video services. Terminals can be TVs, computers, set-top boxes, PADs, smartphones, and so on. Means to provide services on the network, emphasizing the independence of services from the physical network. TV BOX transmits video programs transmitted through the Internet, such as PPS, Youtube, etc., to the display screen (including TV).


H96 Mini H8 Android TV Box



From the perspective of consumers, OTT TV BOX is an Internet TV box that meets the needs of consumers and is a full-featured Internet TV box that integrates interactive TV functions.

Internationally, OTT TV BOX refers to a service that integrates IP video and Internet applications for TV transmission over the public Internet. Its receiving terminal is an integrated Internet TV or set-top box + TV.


2gb 16gb ott tv box



Android TV BOX

Traditional TV-watched programs are fixed, can not access the Internet, do not control TV programs according to consumers' own preferences, do not have content and applications that can be loaded. Android TV Box-The TV is connected to the Android TV box. It can access the Internet through a network cable or wireless WIFI to implement web browsing, video movie playback, online chat, game entertainment, online movie and TV on the TV. Feel free to install applications. Because the Android system is an open source system, all kinds of applications can be downloaded for free on the network, as you like.


H96 mini h8 rk3228a tv box