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What can H96max RK3318 smartbox tv bring you?

Published by May 07,2024

When purchasing our H96 Max RK3318 smartbox tv, we also hope that customers have a clearer understanding of the product itself, so that they can choose the most suitable H96 Max smartbox tv TV box for their needs.





 4K H96 MAX RK3318 smarttv box resolution


We often see TV boxes that support 4K. 4K refers to 4K resolution. 4K resolution is 4096 × 2160 pixels, which is 4 times that of 2K projectors and HDTVs. At this resolution, viewers will be able to see every detail and every feature in the picture.






Other functions


4K provides a higher resolution, which also means that the 4K H96 MAX smartbox tv can display pictures with more information, whether it is fonts, character skins or details of objects on the pictures will be displayed more clearly, and these can be displayed through H96 MAX RK3318 smartbox tv to achieve.





Due to its powerful hardware and software, its functions are also very diverse, which can meet the needs of most entertainment and life scenarios. Android 10.0 improves the performance and usability of H96 Max RK3318 smartbox tv, compatibility with the latest Android apps and apps, and it runs smoothly.

You can use H96 Max RK3318 smartbox tv to watch TV shows and movies from Youtube, also you can download your favorite APP from the app store or connect your phone screen to your TV. A variety of functions to meet your different usage scenarios. We also believe that our wholesale TV box: H96MAX RK3318 wholesale TV box can bring all kinds of fun to your home life.